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Founded in the middle of the years 2000 as a worldwide trading and business services from Europe to Asia through America and the Mediterranean, Sinodix Group knew how to distinguish itself with its Logistics department which makes it gain a discriminating value to its global offer, and above all, its expertise in customs clearance in China and its presence in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Indeed, in the trading business of the company, Sinodix Group began by importing industrial equipment to Europe before starting the agri-food business with the export of wine from France and other European countries to China first, then the export of frozen poultry from Europe or South America to Asia, and finally the export of French organic food. And not to mention the other exports of capital goods and car accessories to the Maghreb and Libya.

Therefore, the Logistics department has built a real competency and expertise in the field and is able to transport various types of goods (non dangerous), either industrial equipment, capital goods, textile, wood, pallets, paper, or agri-food products (frozen or not, beverage), etc, and to perform customs formalities.

In addition, Sinodix Logistics can provide removing services from France to abroad such as the West Indies, the Comoros, Réunion, Madagascar, China, etc.

Besides, through the partnerships we have developed with the major shipowners, airline companies, haulage companies, customs officers, we have become a recognized company in transportation, international freight-forwarding and warehousing.

And now, Sinodix Logistics becomes established in a field remaining closed to the non-professional people in transportation and shipping. Thanks to this additional business skill, Sinodix Group is thus able to handle the entire trading process from A to Z from purchase through to delivery, as well nationally as internationally.

With a wealth of experience and its global network, Sinodix Logistics division can make you benefit from its expertise and competitive prices for your transportation matters as well locally, regionally, nationally as internationally, whether it is by sea freight, air freight or roll on/roll off vessel, but also for other matters such as consolidation-deconsolidation, customs formalities for import or export, insurance policy, document management, etc.


Sinodix has worked with the small and/or medium-sized companies for exports as well as for imports in the Chinese market for more than 10 years. Besides, our presence in Vietnam and in Cambodia could develop new business opportunities with these two countries to your company.

Over and above our compentencies and professionalism, the strenght of Sinodix Logistics is the quality of our services, our proactiveness, our source of proposals, the attentiveness to our clients and our avaibility.

Logistics and transit organization

  • Freight transportation: by road, sea, air, roll on/roll off vessel, in full container (dry et reefer) or in less than a container, in full truck loads or partial truck loads
  • Vehicles transport: in container or by roll on/roll off vessel
  • Pre and post carriage: local, regional, national
  • Port traction > Consolidation and deconsolidation

Document management

  • Customs documentation
  • Shipping documentation
  • Insurance policy

Customs formalities

  • Import: customs clearance for import to the country of destination
  • Export: customs clearance for export from the country of shipment

Bonded warehouse

  • Stuffing, stripping, sorting, pallet wrapping, palletizing, port traction, customs inpection

International removal

  • Professional or personal belongings or even vehicles: collection in France and transit to abroad by road, sea or air.